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Raspberry Pi $35 miniature computer now on sale, $25 model going into production 'immediately'

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The tiny $35 Raspberry Pi computer is now officially on sale, with production of the $25 model beginning right away.

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raspberry pi
raspberry pi

We knew the Raspberry Pi, the diminutive, low-cost Linux-based computer, would be available for order at any moment, and today the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced on its website that the tiny machines are on sale. The Raspberry Pi comes in two different variants: the $25 Model A runs a 700MHz ARM processor with 256MB of RAM, HDMI and RCA video outputs, and SD card storage. The $35 Model B adds two USB ports and one ethernet port to the mix. The first units that have been produced are of the Model B variety, but production on the Model A version is said to be beginning immediately. Sales are limited to one per customer, and are available through Premier Farnell and RS Components.

Update: And just like that, the initial batch has already sold out. Both Farnell and RS Electronics have moved to a "Register your interest" page, with more boards expected soon.