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Facebook launches Timeline for Pages

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Facebook rolls out Timeline pages for businesses.

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facebook timeline for brands coldplay
facebook timeline for brands coldplay

As previously rumored, Facebook has announced the Timeline feature for Pages, which look just like the company's new Timeline profile pages that rolled out to users last month. Some of the new features are also similar to the enhanced profile pages Twitter debuted at the beginning of the month, giving users more control over the appearance of their Pages. The Timeline Pages can now feature larger photos and "Milestones," which are brand-ified version of "Life Events" on a users's Facebook Timeline. These new tools for Pages will be available via a brand new admin panel inside Facebook.

While Facebook hasn't said much else about what will transpire at today's event, we'd also expect the company to detail its first efforts at sticking ads into Facebook's mobile app, which has hundreds of millions of users. Brands can upgrade their pages to Timeline today, and will be forced to do so on March 30th. For a full walkthrough of how Timeline works for brands, check out the Product Guide Facebook provides for businesses, which TechCrunch found.

We'll be at the event later today and will update as we find out more, and be sure to stop by our own newly redesigned Timeline for The Verge.