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PSA: Sony postpones PlayStation Network maintenance originally set for tomorrow (update)

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Sony has announced that its PlayStation Network will be offline worldwide from 11AM ET Thursday until 1AM ET Friday for scheduled maintenance.

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For the third time in as many months, Sony will be again be taking its PlayStation Network offline tomorrow for extended maintenance. A post at PlayStation Blog advises that during the 14-hour stretch, there will be no online gaming to be had on the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PSP. That's a bit of a departure from prior maintenance sessions which allowed users to sign in before work got underway and remain connected to Sony's online service throughout. As you might expect, the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, PSN account management, and even PSN-enabled websites will all be inaccessible until normal functionality is restored around 1AM ET Friday.

The network pause comes just over a week following the official US launch of the Vita. With plenty of time to burn, tomorrow might be a good day to work towards those single-player trophies. Welcome to the world of PSN maintenance, Vita owners.

Update: Sony has now updated the post with news that the planned maintenance has been postponed. PlayStation Network services will be up and running tomorrow.