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Emilio Gomariz makes art from OS X's animations

Emilio Gomariz makes art from OS X's animations


Inspired by the animations of OS X, Spanish-born artist Emilio Gomariz has created some stunning artwork.

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While some of us aren't fans of animations in our operating systems, for others they're pure inspiration. Spanish-born artist Emilio Gomariz uses the graphical user interface of OS X to create incredible artwork. Using a combination of the dock, Exposé, Finder, Photoshop, and screencasting software, Gomariz has created animations of rainbows, patterns, letters, and numbers, often to music. In an interview with Creative Review Gomariz explains that despite its apparent complexity the work doesn't take him too long. However, occasionally his Mac doesn't fare as well:

A while ago, I had the biggest error/damage alert," says Gomariz. "I was experimenting with Text Edit in another way, copying and pasting thousands of huge, coloured special characters at the same time, and the software became blocked permanently. I couldn't use it anymore. I had to reinstall the OS X to get it back.

Below is his May 2011 work 114.psd, but many more are available on his website.