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Watch Eric Schmidt's MWC keynote on YouTube

Watch Eric Schmidt's MWC keynote on YouTube

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If you've been following our MWC coverage, you'll remember Google executive Eric Schmidt's astonishing keynote speech. In it, Schmidt imagined a high-tech future with global collaboration, societal leveling, and tiny robots that you can dispatch for business trips. Right now, he said, the wealthy are only limited by "what we deem ethical," but "for most people the power of technology has not really arrived." Citing Moore's Law, Schmidt then speculated that in 12 years, "phones that cost $400 will cost $20, and if Google does it right there'll be Android in every pocket." When that happened, he said, technology could advance in ways that are unimaginable today.

While we covered many of the highlights, Schmidt's full speech has been uploaded to YouTube, so you can watch the whole thing yourself. You'll also see his question-and-answer session, where he was asked about whether a single company could gain a monopoly that threatens the future he described ("What's the name of that company?") and why the company was blocking Chrome and the Android Market for Iranian users ("it's a US law issue. I'm with you! But like, prison.... there's no bandwidth.")

Thanks to someguyperson for the tip!