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Droid 2 Global update adds Google Security Patch, fixes minor issues

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Verizon has issued an update for the Droid 2 Global, which fixes issues like the device turning off independently and resetting during music playback.

Droid 2
Droid 2

A new software update has been released for the Droid 2 Global, which fixes a few small issues with the handset, and also adds a Google Security Patch. Once updated, users should no longer have issues with the phone turning on by itself or with it reseting randomly during music playback. The 19.4MB download also reduces "out of memory" errors, improves access to Gmail while Mobile Hotspot is on, allows you to save camera settings even after shutting down, and finally lets you download and use the ringtones you've purchased. The over-the-air update should be available to Droid 2 Global owners "soon" and brings the software to version 4.5.62.

Image source: cherrylet (Flickr)