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GroupMe launches on Windows Phone, adds Mango-specific features

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Group messaging app GroupMe has launched on Windows Phone, bringing with it some platform-specific functionality.

GroupMe Windows Phone
GroupMe Windows Phone

Mobile messaging service GroupMe has released a new app for Windows Phone, which attempts to mimic Microsoft's Metro-style design while introducing a few features unique to the platform. The group messaging functionality is largely the same as it is on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry — which, as of January, no longer includes conference calling — but there are a few twists that take advantage of the Mango OS, including fast app switching, live tile updates, and the ability to pin groups to the start screen. GroupMe was acquired by Skype last year, just before Skype itself was acquired by Microsoft — though it doesn't look like GroupeMe has run in to the same limitations as its parent company's recent Windows Phone app.