A few weeks ago, a blog called Console Cowboys exposed a security vulnerability in some models of Trendnet home security cameras. Following the instructions on the site, thousands of streaming personal IP cameras can be accessed. Links to the compromised feeds spread quickly on message boards like Reddit and 4chan, where the adolescent quest for the surreptitiously-viewed nipple kicked into high gear.

Of course, nudity was found: a woman taking off her pajamas in her bedroom, a young mother standing next to a baby crib at night. Screenshots were made and posted to 4chan for teenage boys to ogle. These cameras were purchased by people who believed they would be making their home or workplace more secure. Instead, they became victims of an intimate and personal invasion of privacy. The security breach isn't leaking customer data like credit card numbers, or even sensitive corporate secrets as described in a recent New York Times article about security flaws in videoconferencing systems.

It’s worse. It’s strangers watching you undress in your own home.

Top image credit: Gl0we (Reddit)