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West Coast Chill's self-refrigerating can drops thirty degrees at the push of a button

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The upcoming energy drink West Coast Chill will be debuting in a self-chilling can that can cool itself thirty degrees at the push of a button.

West Coast Chill self-chilling can
West Coast Chill self-chilling can

The beverage industry is never short on gimmicks when it comes to packaging, but an upcoming energy drink called West Coast Chill will be debuting with one that actually has some utility: a self-chilling can. The caffeine-free energy drink comes in something creator Joseph Company calls the "Chill-Can": on the outside, it doesn't look dissimilar from a 16-ounce can of soda. Engage the button on the bottom, however, and the temperature of the drink inside drops a claimed thirty degrees Fahrenheit in just three minutes. The device requires no energy, relying on a combination of vegetable material and carbon dioxide within the can itself to create the cooling effect.

West Coast Chill is also introducing a recycling program in connection with the release of the drink, to allow for the cooling elements in the cans to be reused. While this isn't the first self-chilling can we've heard of — Miller Brewing Company had originally planned to utilize a similar product back in 2007 — it is the first one that looks like it will actually make it to store shelves. If you'd like to cool down with one yourself, you won't have to hold on for too much longer: West Coast Chill will be debuting in select stores in Los Angeles and Las Vegas by the end of March, at under four dollars a can.