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iTunes Match replacing some explicit rap songs with censored versions, Apple working on a fix

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CultofMac is reporting that iTunes Match is replacing certain explicit hip-hop songs with censored version, though apparently a fix is on the way.

listening to jay-z on an apple iphone 4
listening to jay-z on an apple iphone 4

Apple's had its issues over censorship before, but none quite so... explicit. Cult of Mac is reporting that the "clean" versions of certain rap songs are being played over the iTunes Match cloud streaming service, even when the profanity-laced originals are stored on disk in the iTunes library. The issue only seems to affect a few tracks, including Jay-Z's Can I Live and Kanye West's Power, and 9to5Mac says Apple has acknowledged the problem and promised a fix. Hip-hop heads may have to wait a little longer to have their minds corrupted, though as far as we know, Marilyn Manson records remain unaffected.

Update: billvinson has informed us in the comments below that at least one Marilyn Manson song is, in fact, affected.