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Vimeo app for Windows Phone now available

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Vimeo's app for Windows Phone has now launched, following its introduction at CES last month.

Vimeo Windows Phone
Vimeo Windows Phone

While competitor YouTube might be conspicuous in its absence on Windows Phone, Vimeo has now launched an official app for the platform. We first saw it back at CES, and while the Android and Kindle fire apps launched soon afterwards, the Windows Phone version seems to have taken a little longer to reach primetime. While there've been a few unofficial viewer apps for the service available for a while now, the new app promises a lot more functionality. There's full integration with your Vimeo account, allowing you to manage all of your uploaded videos, queues, and inbox. It also offers the ability to upload videos direct from your phone in HD, before sharing them via your favorite social media platform.

For those of you who like to tinker with settings on the go, there's access to all of the options for each video — titles, descriptions, tags, privacy settings, and credits — as well as the full range of statistics, meaning that you'll rarely have to use the website to manage your content. It's available from the Marketplace now and requires Windows Phone 7.5.