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NAC supplying four Hi-Motion II super slow-motion cameras to Super Bowl XLVI

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Pro camera manufacturer NAC has announced that four of its new Hi-motion II cameras will make their debut at the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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While we've seen how technology's going to change how you experience of this year's Super Bowl, NAC's giving us a better idea of how the game's going to be captured. The company has announced that it is supplying four of its super slow-motion Hi-Motion II cameras to the game's TV coverage on NBC. The cameras are able to shoot at up to 1,000 frames per second at 1080p using three CMOS sensors, capturing each touchdown, kick, and bone-crunching impact for closer analysis later on.

The Super Bowl marks the world's first use of the Hi-Motion II in broadcast, though NAC has a pedigree in sports coverage with the original Hi-Motion being used at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and South African 2010 World Cup along with a number of other events. The new camera can shoot an extra 400 frames per second over its predecessor, allowing for even smoother, slower footage. Since the camera's so new there's no demo footage available just yet, but here's a clip taken with the original Hi-Motion that gives you a taste of what to expect.