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Skype 5.8 for Windows brings Full HD calling and deeper Facebook integration

Skype 5.8 for Windows brings a host of updates, including Full HD calling, deeper Facebook integration, and "push to talk."

Skype For Windows 5.8
Skype For Windows 5.8

Skype released version 5.8 of its Windows client today, which takes a number of features out of beta. Included in the update is support for Full HD video calling (previously calls were limited to 720p), video calls to Facebook users that don't have Skype installed, and, for Skype Premium customers only, the ability to share screens with all the participants of a conference call.

Other additions include keyboard shortcuts for "push to talk," Bing search toolbar integration, and the ability to hide offline Facebook contacts. The Facebook tab has now been dropped in favor of integrating your news feed into the Skype homescreen. If you're interested in trying the new features, you can find the download in the source link below.