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Jambox Big details trickle out: is a double-sized Jambox coming soon?

Jambox Big details trickle out: is a double-sized Jambox coming soon?


Details of a new speaker from Jawbone, the Jambox Big, have appeared via the FCC and Amazon. Back at CES, we had a chance to speak to Jawbone's Travis Bogard, who described the Jambox Ecosystem — check out the video.

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Rumors that surfaced on iLounge back in November of a forthcoming successor to the Jambox, the Jambox Big, seem to be proving true. Following the publication of an FCC filing yesterday, further investigation by Android Police uncovered two listings for the speaker in both Red Dot and Graphite Hex, along with a few more details. True to its name, the new speaker looks set to be almost twice the size in every dimension as its predecessor, coming in at 10.1 x 3.2 x 3.7 inches and a far chunkier 2.7 lb (about 1.2 kg). The battery life also looks to have been given a boost, with the Amazon listings quoting a 12-hour lifespan as compared to the original's 10 hours.


Back at CES we had a chance to speak with Jawbone's Travis Bogard, where he refers to the Jambox ecosystem — perhaps a subtle hint towards the Jambox Big, or possibly a suggestion that even more of the speakers are on the way. He also talks over the tumultuous launch of the Jawbone Up, and looks at what's next for the fitness brand.