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Rhapsody Android update adds a tablet-optimized redesign

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Rhapsody has released a new version of its Android app that optimizes the UI and adds content for tablets.

Android Rhapsody
Android Rhapsody

Music service Rhapsody has updated its Android app, but the new version includes more than just tweaks or bug fixes. Rhapsody has added a UI specifically for tablets, an unusual move for a platform whose apps rarely differentiate between screen sizes. The tablet version replaces Rhapsody's largely text-based interface with a more image-rich one, letting the user scroll through album covers to pick songs or read reviews. It also looks like the app has some tablet-specific content, including album suggestions from the home screen. The new UI should work on any device running Android 3.1 or higher with a 9-inch or larger screen.

Although separate apps for phones and tablets are par for the course on iOS, Android head Andy Rubin has downplayed the benefits of optimizing an interface for larger screen sizes, and most Android apps for tablets are just larger versions of those meant for phones. Rhapsody's new app looks very much like a work in progress — the release announcement already includes a sizable list of known issues. But we're glad to see a company optimizing its apps for different form factors.