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Micron CEO Steve Appleton killed in Idaho plane crash

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Micron Technology CEO Steven Appleton has died in a small plane accident, according to a company statement.

Steven Appleton
Steven Appleton

According to a company release, Steve Appleton — CEO of Micron Technology — has died in what's described as a "small plane accident" in Boise, Micron's hometown. Micron is one of the larger memory manufacturers in the world, perhaps best known to end users through its Crucial and Lexar brands of memory and storage products. Appleton was 51. Here's Micron's full statement:

We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Appleton, Chairman and CEO, passed away this morning in a small plane accident in Boise. He was 51.

Our hearts go out to his wife, Dalynn, his children and his family during this tragic time.

Steve's passion and energy left an indelible mark on Micron, the Idaho community and the technology industry at large.

The company expects to provide additional information later today.