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Anonymous releases recording of intercepted private FBI conference call

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Hacking group Anonymous has released a recording of a private call between the FBI and UK police discussing strategies for bringing down the group.


Hacking group Anonymous has released a recording of a private conference call held last month between the FBI and UK police. In the call, the police discuss their strategy for apprehending and convicting members of the group, including a 15-year-old hacker who claims to have perpetrated the Steam data compromise. At several points, the real names of Anonymous members have been cut out of the seventeen-minute call, but it otherwise appears unedited.

The FBI has confirmed that the call is authentic, saying that "a criminal investigation is under way to identify and hold accountable those responsible." While the recording is certainly embarrassing for police, it's unlikely to have been difficult to obtain. An FBI official has said that the invitation email — sent to some three dozen recipients — must have been sent to a compromised address, giving Anonymous everything it needed to know to join the meeting on January 17th. Most of the call isn't particularly sensitive, but it's clear that law enforcement is dealing with some serious security flaws.