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Plex for Google TV updated with transcoding support thanks to Android 3.2 HLS inclusion

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Plex has updated its Google TV app to add transcoding and expanded channel support, thanks to some under-the-hood changes in the recent Google TV Android 3.2 update.


Google started rolling out the Android 3.2 update to Sony Google TV devices earlier this month. While it brought its own set of feature tweaks, some under-the-hood changes are giving the latest Plex for Google TV app an even broader set of functionality. The key change was enhanced support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which now allows version of the Plex client to stream transcoded video from your server — even if the source material is in a format the Google TV itself doesn't natively play. Without codecs limiting content selection, it opens up access to more channels, as well as bringing subtitle support along for the ride. Multiple audio stream selection and an assortment of video playback fixes are bundled in the update as well. If you're a Plex Media Center user and happen to have one of Sony's Google TV devices, there's no need to wait — the updated app is available now in the Android Market for 99 cents.