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Listen to Air's 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune' soundtrack in full for free

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The soundtrack to the historic silent movie Le Voyage Dans La Lune has been made available to stream for free on NPR.

journey to the moon
journey to the moon

The 1902 film Le Voyage Dans La Lune by Georges Méliès is rightly considered a progenitor to modern sci-fi moviemaking. Running for a mere quarter of an hour, it ably tells the tale of a group of scientists blasting off to our dear old moon and the perilous adventures they get up to once landed there. The only thing this black and white cinema classic lacks is a soundtrack, which has now been provided by French electronic music duo Air. You can listen to the entire 32-minute tract over on NPR or go out and buy the CD when it hits stores on February 6th. There'll be good reason to buy the physical copy as it will come with a bonus DVD of the movie, restored and hand-colored. To get an idea of how Air's work and the original film fit together, mute the video below and play it alongside the NPR player of the soundtrack.