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Google poaches Apple senior director for 'secret project,' VentureBeat says

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According to VentureBeat, Google has hired Apple's Senior Director of product integrity Simon Prakash to work on an unspecified project.

Google HQ
Google HQ

According to VentureBeat, Google has just hired Simon Prakash, Apple's senior director of product integrity. Prakash spent eight years working at Apple and was most recently responsible for product quality control across all of Apple's product lines; now he's heading to Google to work on an unspecified "secret project," though there aren't any concrete details on what specifically that project might be. While employees surely pass between both companies, VentureBeat believes this is the first time Google has hired such a senior-level person directly from Apple — and its certainly a sign that, regardless of any deals Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs may have made sometime last decade, there's no such deal in place now.