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Samsung airs raucous Glee-inspired Galaxy Note ad during Super Bowl

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Samsung Super Bowl ad
Samsung Super Bowl ad

Samsung's been teasing its Super Bowl spot for the upcoming Galaxy Note for a solid week now, but did it live up to the hype? Directed by Bobby Farrelly of Farrelly Brothers fame (There's Something About Mary), the ad starts out as many of Samsung's other recent ads have — poking fun at Apple line-waiters — but breaks into song and dance as soon as they spot a guy with a Note. The rest of the spot is a full-on musical with a bunch of seemingly random C-list celebrities. For instance, Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears is in it for some reason — on some level, it makes sense for physically huge football players to want a 5.3-inch phone, we suppose, but the ad ultimately spends more time on its Glee-esque theatrics than it does explaining to the viewer exactly what the Galaxy Note is. See for yourself below.