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Dashwire shutting down Windows Mobile cloud service on February 15th, save your data now

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Dashwire has told its users that come February 15th, its Windows Mobile cloud service will be shutting down, and that all data will be deleted. The syncing application was designed to upload and backup pictures, videos, texts, contacts, and call logs from your phone to the internet, but it has reached the end of the line.

Dashwire Logo
Dashwire Logo

Back in the days when Windows Mobile phones roamed the land freely, Dashwire was one of the only ways to sync photos, videos, contacts, call logs, and texts with the web, but now the service is being shut down. The company (which was purchased by HTC last year) sent out emails to its remaining loyal users a few days ago saying that they should save their files by February 15th, when it will unplug the servers and delete all remaining data. In the email, Dashwire says that it has been focusing on working with some of the "biggest providers in the mobile industry," so you might end up seeing the company's magic in some other products down the road. (The tech is already being used in as part of the company's acquisition.) We can't blame Dashwire for cutting off support for an outdated OS that required third party software to sync with the cloud — many consumers have moved on, so it's only natural for the company to follow suit.