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Buhel's G33 Speakergoggle lets you communicate on the slopes

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Buhel's G33 Speakergoggle ski goggles use a bone conduction microphone and Class 1 Bluetooth 2.1 to provide a built-in on-the-slope intercom.

buhel g33
buhel g33

Up until now, staying in touch on the slopes has meant either every member of your crew carrying some kind of extra walkie talkie device, or trying your luck with your cellphone. Buhel’s taking a different approach — the intercom system in its G33 Speakergoggle uses a nasal bone conduction microphone and high-powered Class 1 Bluetooth 2.1 to give its wearers an approximately 1600-foot connection range, while its 350mAh battery promises ten hours of talk time, 9 hours of music (once the goggles are paired with your phone), and 200 hours of standby. The design isn’t perfect, though — Bluetooth means that while you and your friends don’t need perfect line of sight to talk to one another, you might have trouble inside buildings and under dense tree cover, and everyone needs to be wearing the Buhel G33s in order to stay in touch. Sadly, there's no heads-up display, but perhaps that’s asking too much.