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Grammy Live apps for iOS let you catch the parties from every angle

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Grammy Live apps have been released for the iPhone and iPad, which allow users to stream video from the three-day event surrounding the Grammy Awards.

grammy live ios
grammy live ios

The Grammys are always a huge event, and Grammy Live is a suitably large second screen experience — a three-day streaming spectacular full of special events, red carpet appearances, and parties. This year, the Recording Academy has released a pair of iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad (no love for Android), in addition to the Grammy Live website, so that viewers can follow along with all of the action. The apps include the aforementioned video streams, streaming music via Grammy Radio, trivia, and a Guess the Grammys interactive poll. The actual live streaming duties behind the scenes will be handled by CBS this year, a change for the Academy, which went with YouTube’s Live streaming service last year. Unfortunately, the switch isn't going to help get the actual Grammy performances online any faster than usual — each performance still needs to be signed off by the performer and rights holders before it shows up on iTunes and Vevo.