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White Galaxy Nexus available across the UK starting February 13th

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Samsung have confirmed that a white variant of the Galaxy Nexus will go on sale from February 13th in the UK

White Galaxy Nexus
White Galaxy Nexus

We've received news this morning from Samsung that a white variant of the Galaxy Nexus will launch in Britain on February 13th. UK retailer Handtec had previously announced that it would stock the handset at some point this week, but a wider release is now imminent. The GSM Galaxy Nexus was briefly our highest-scoring Android handset ever (it was bested by its 4G LTE cousin), and Samsung hopes that a new color choice will persuade those who haven't already adopted its flagship handset to part with their cash. if you've been waiting for a color that more adequately matches your satchel, the white Galaxy Nexus should be available from a range of stores across the UK from early next week.