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Harmony Link users complain of frequent outages, make it through Super Bowl without a remote control

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Users are complaining of intermittent outages with their Logitech Harmony Link devices, which let you control your TV with an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone connected to an IR blaster. Apparently, the Link must connect to Logitech's servers every time you use it, so when those servers are undergoing maintenance or experience another problem users are left remote-less.

Logitech Harmony Link press
Logitech Harmony Link press

Users have been complaining of intermittent outages since the launch of Logitech's Harmony Link, an IR blaster that lets you control your home theater with an iPad, iPhone or Android device. There was an outage just after New Years' weekend, and the lastest issue occurred during this past weekend and lasted through the Super Bowl. Customers on Logitech's forums say that they're getting errors that say the remote is "unable to sync" and that they've entered the wrong password. A Logitech representative in the forums said that the issue was on their end both times, and users are saying the problem is that the Link must connect to its servers every single time it is used, redering the device useless whenever there's a server malfunction. It looks like there are plenty of angry customers, so if Logitech really intends to "strengthen [the] Harmony line-up in the coming months," it had better start with the Link.