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Rogers promises 40Mbps LTE with new hotspot and dongle

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Rogers Communications has announced new versions of its LTE Rocket hotspot and dongle, both of which will now be able to connect to an additional spectrum band for speeds up to 40Mbps.

LTE Rocket stick
LTE Rocket stick

Rogers users will soon be able to get faster LTE speeds, at least on some devices. The company has announced that it will be launching new versions of the LTE Rocket stick and mobile hotspot. These devices are the first in Canada to connect to both the 1700/2100MHz and the 2600MHz LTE spectrum bands, making their typical LTE speed closer to 40Mbps rather than the 12 to 25 Mbps of Rogers' other LTE devices, which use only 1700/2100MHz spectrum. They're also the first LTE devices in Canada to connect to the little-used 2600MHz band, something that could account for these higher speeds. Like the old versions, the Rocket stick and hotspot will both also be able to run on the company's HSPA+ network.

Rogers is also extending its HSPA+ flex plans to some LTE devices. Plans for the stick and hotspot will start at C$22.93 a month, with tablet plans a bit lower at C$7.93 a month, although it's not clear whether that cost is going to be somehow combined with the money users already pay for their LTE or added on top of it. There's no news of plan changes for mobile phones — hopefully the excitement of getting the Galaxy Note will be enough on that front.