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Intel SSD 520 review roundup: too expensive

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A roundup of the first reviews of Intel's SSD 520 solid-state drive agree that it's priced too high, regardless of its performance.

Intel SSD 520
Intel SSD 520

The first reviews of the Intel SSD 520 were published today, giving us a good idea of whether or not Intel's latest solid-state drive deserves to find its way into your next laptop, HTPC or gaming rig.

PC Perspective, Tech Report, AnandTech, Tom's Hardware, Hexus, Storage Review,The SSD Review, Computer World and Techspot have all reviewed the drive and agree that it's a big step in the right direction for the company. The SSD 520 is Intel's first drive to utilize a SandForce controller, which brings a boost in performance over the last generation. Although the benchmark results varied, general consensus has the SSD 520 as the best-performing SandForce Driven SSD on the market, matching or besting its competitors in most tests.

Where Intel's drive falls short of the competition is price, as the SSD 520 costs more per GB than nearly all of its competitors. Samsung's 830 series 256GB SSD scored slightly higher in Tech Report's overall performance graph, and it costs almost $150 less than Intel's 240GB model. What the company is banking on however, is its reputation for reliability and longevity within the SSD industry, offering a 5-year warranty with the SSD 520. If you're thinking of buying one of Intel's latest and greatest, you can find detailed analysis, benchmarks and comparisons from a number of sources below.