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Peek update: over 2,000 devices shipped to hackers, more available in 20-unit packs

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Peek CEO Amol Sarva is out of individual Peeks for hackers, but says that interested parties can still contact him for packs of 20.


Peek CEO Amol Sarva — whose devices have just gone dark for good — has been offering the company's remaining stock of devices to any hacker who thinks they has the chops to do something interesting with the hardware. Sarva reached out to us today to say that they've already given away "over 2,000" Peeks to developers in "places as diverse as Brooklyn, Paris, Bangalore, and more." The supply still isn't exhausted, but he says that the remaining units are in 20-pound packs, each of which has 20 units — convenient if you want to hack something and distribute it to a few friends, but not particularly cheap to ship. If you're interested, Sarva says you can hit him up at amol+2pack at peek dot com with a prepaid shipping label from Dallas to wherever you want them shipped.

He'd previously said that Peek would be offering some tools and source code to get hackers started. It'll eventually appear on a newly-formed Posterous site, we're told, but his engineers are busy at the moment with work on Genius Cloud — Peek's new hardware-free venture that's rolling out on a variety of handsets in the Chinese market.