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'Microsoft Flight' taking off on February 29

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The spiritual successor to Microsoft Flight Simulator launches at the end of the month.

Microsoft Flight
Microsoft Flight

Microsoft has announced that the free-to-play Microsoft Flight will finally be launching on February 29. While the download is initially free, players will be able to access additional content for a price. On launch day a Hawaiian Adventure Pack will be released through Games For Windows Live for 1,600 Microsoft Points (or $20). The expansion adds an additional plane (a two-seater Vans RV-6A) and 20 missions to the core package, and two additional planes will also be available as separate purchases. The Maule M-7-260C (which includes a fully detailed cockpit) and North American P-51 Mustang will be available at launch for 1,200 points ($15) and 640 points ($8) respectively. While you're waiting for the game to launch, be sure to check out our time spent with Microsoft Flight back at CES.