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Qualcomm's tech for your dog: the Snaptracs pet tracking device

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Josh gets a look at the Snaptracs pet tracking device while visiting Qualcomm.


Qualcomm's technology isn't built just to better the lives of humans, it can be useful for pets as well. When Joshua Topolsky was visiting the Qualcomm campus recently, he met with Dave Vigil from Snaptracs, who showed us a dog tracking device that alerts you if your pet leaves a pre-determined area called Tagg. You and anyone else you designate (like a spouse or friend) can be notified through text, email, and a specifically built smartphone app, which also lets you find where your pet may have gone on a map using GPS. The tracker itself is relatively small, can be clipped onto a dog's collar, and essentially contains the same positioning technology that you'd find in a mobile phone today. To see Josh and Dave track down Sam, the faithful Snaptracs dog, check out the video below.