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FlashCards To Go is first Enyo app on iOS

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FlashCards To Go, which came out today for iPad, is the first iOS app developed using HP's cross-platform Enyo framework.

FlashCards Chrome
FlashCards Chrome

When HP transitioned webOS and its app framework Enyo 2.0 to open-source projects, one of the major selling points of the system was its cross-platform capabilities. Now, the first app developed with Enyo has appeared in the iOS App Store. James Harris' FlashCards To Go has just come out for iPad, making iOS the sixth platform supported by the learning tool. BlackBerry and Mac App Store versions are still in the works, and an Android version is also out, although another Enyo app beat it to the Android Market.

We took a look at FlashCards on the iPad browser a couple of weeks ago and were impressed with its interface and performance. The app costs $3.99, and will work with any iPad running iOS 5; support for older versions of the OS is apparently coming soon. It's certainly good to see an Enyo app on iOS, but we're still waiting to see whether HP can attract new developers to the platform.