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Alleged details about Google HUD eyeglasses surface, public beta said to be in consideration

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New details have emerged on the heads-up display eyeglasses Google is said to be developing, with a beta program to determine their market viability potentially on the horizon.

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Verge HUD Glasses 600
Verge HUD Glasses 600

Word first leaked out that Google had been developing a pair of eyeglasses with an integrated heads-up display back in December, and now 9to5Google claims it has some additional information about a prototype of Mountain View's electronic specs. According to the site's tipster, the glasses looks similar to Oakley's MP3-playing Thump line — somewhat of a departure from the "normal-people" eyewear that had been initially described — and incorporates a front-facing camera and flash. The on-board hardware is said to be in line with a "generation-old" Android phone, and while it's claimed that the glasses will operate as a smartphone, it's unclear if a cellular radio is integrated or if pairing with an Android device will be required.

The HUD itself is built into one of the lenses, but unfortunately isn't transparent, which would seem to limit the practical, day-to-day use of such a device. Users interact with the glasses either through voice control or via a head-tilting paradigm that allows the wearer to scroll through menus and make selections by moving their head. If the idea of walking around and nodding to maneuver through the UI of your glasses doesn't sound ideal, you may have a chance to weigh in with your opinion: the site reports that Google is considering a beta program for non-Googlers to help determine the real-world appeal of the glasses.