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What's inside a decommissioned, bomb-proof Earth station?

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The Atlantic delves deep into a decommissioned Earth station on sale for $2,950,000.

Jamesburg Earth Station
Jamesburg Earth Station

The Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel Valley, California made headlines earlier in the year when its owner decided to sell the place for $2,950,000. Now The Atlantic has delved a little deeper to see just what it's like at the bomb-proof facility described by some as a "great place for armageddon."

Located not far from a trailer park, the station, which helped transmit some of the first images from the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, has since been gutted of its now-obsolete tech by current owner Jeffrey Bullis. 26 dumpsters worth of stuff has been removed from the building. Despite its 98 foot high satellite dish, Bullis had planned to turn the Jamesburg station into a house, going so far as to hire an architect to redesign the interior. Massive, empty rooms were used for rollerblading and exercising, but when his son died at just 23, Bullis abandoned his strange housing project and later put the building up for sale. Check the source link to see just what The Atlantic found, including a treasure trove of old photos and documents.