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Google Fiber ready to start buildout in Kansas City

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Google has announced in a blog post that it is ready to start building its fiber network in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS. The project has been delayed a bit due to some safety and money concerns, but it appears that the dispute has been cleared up.

Kansas City, MO (Flickr)
Kansas City, MO (Flickr)

After all the excitement when Google chose Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas as its testbeds for a new fiber optic broadband internet service, the grand plans hit a snag due to some safety and money concerns. It looks like the dispute has been cleared up, however, as Google has announced that it is ready to start laying fiber today. While it's possible that the company will still follow through with its original plans to launch in Q1 2012, customers might have to wait a bit longer due to the delay. In a blog post, Google says it'll be building its fiber backbone in both Kansas Citys, so it's not clear yet whether the Kansans or the Missourians are going to be the first to see the service in action.