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Raspberry Pi: first batch to be finished February 20th, on sale by end of the month

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The $35 Raspberry Pi Linux computer is set to complete its first production run on February 20th, and is likely to go on sale before the end of the month.

raspberry pi
raspberry pi

Production started on the $35 Raspberry Pi last month, and now the team has announced that after a slight delay related to sourcing a component, the first manufacturing run will be finished on February 20th. What does this mean for you? Since the batch of tiny Linux machines will be airfreighted to the UK as soon as they leave the factory, you should be able to put down your $35 for one by the end of the month. The initial production run of 10,000 units has been focused on the higher-end configuration, with a $25 model that halves the memory and omits the Ethernet controller due for sale at a later date.