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Samsung remote for smart TVs to feature touchpad, voice control

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Tech-On is reporting that Samsung will ship a new remote control with unnamed smart TVs this year. The remote control will feature voice recognition and touchpad input.

samsung remote
samsung remote

Samsung unveiled all manner of new ways to interact with your home electronics at CES 2012, but one thing we didn't manage to see was a new TV remote control design. According to Tech-On, the model you see above is the company's latest effort and will ship with an unnamed smart TV this year. Unlike LG's Wii Remote-style motion-controlled pointer design, Samsung's remote employs a minimal button layout, a touchpad, and voice recognition control similar to the technology demonstrated on smart TVs last month. It apparently combines Bluetooth and IR transmission for stronger reception, and can be used for other devices such as Blu-ray players. No word yet on whether it'll do anything for your future windows or washing machines, but here's hoping.