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LG Miracle Windows Phone leaked, reportedly has NFC

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PocketNow alleges to have uncovered the LG Miracle, a Windows Phone with NFC capabilities. If this proves to be true, it would be the first NFC-ready Windows Phone.

LG Miracle
LG Miracle

An image of what looks to be a new LG Windows Phone has been leaked by PocketNow. Codenamed the LG Miracle, it's allegedly the same device we reported on back in December, known then as the "Fantasy". According to the leaked specs we're looking at a mid-range 1GHz Snapdragon handset with a 4-inch super-bright NOVA display (though it's not clear if it'll be the NOVA Plus tech featured on the latest Prada phone), 8GB of storage, HSPA connectivity, a front-facing VGA camera, and a five-megapixel rear camera capable of shooting 720p video.

PocketNow also notes that the Miracle has an NFC chip, which according to recent reports isn't due until Windows Phone Apollo hits in Q4 of this year. It's not clear if the leaked specs are correct, but if they are, they suggest that NFC may be coming to Windows Phone sooner than expected. We're expecting to see the Miracle along with other handsets from LG at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, so stay tuned — we'll be bringing you full coverage.

Thanks, Mark James!