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Nokia 'close to fix' on Lumia 710 call disconnection bug

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Nokia says it is close to fixing a bug that makes the Lumia 710 appear to stay on a call even after the button has been pressed to end it.

Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile review
Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile review

Owners of Nokia Lumia 710 phones should soon see a fix for a bug that makes calls appear to keep going even after the user has hung up. The bug, which didn't crop up during our time reviewing the phone, keeps the call screen up after ending the call, forcing the user to reboot the phone in order to fix it. Now, about a month after the first reports came in, Nokia has said on its support forums that it is "continuing to analyze this software issue and is close to a fix," although it's not sure when it will be deployed.

Meanwhile, it says the problem isn't as bad as it looks — although the call screen is hanging, the call is actually ended when the user presses the button to hang up, meaning that people experiencing the bug aren't being billed for the extra minutes displayed. It's still hardly convenient to reboot the phone after ending a call, but at least it's not going to cost you any money.