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Colorful wax busts cast Facebook friendships in a whole new light

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After ranking his Facebook friends on a scale of 1-25, a designer has created a series of wax busts to map out just how close he is to his online friends.

Wax busts
Wax busts

You may have plenty of Facebook friends, but how many of them are real friends? That's what designer Colin Pinegar wanted to find out, and so he set about gathering data. After answering a number of questions about each person on his friends list — ranging from whether or not he knew their number to if he could even recognize their name — he then assigned a score from 1 to 25 for each person. The numbers were then placed on a color spectrum (with pink on the lower end and purple on the higher end) and Pinegar carved a wax bust of his own head for each person to create what's essentially a bar graph of his online relationships. He even gave the busts away at a party — though, unsurprisingly, it was the purple friends who actually showed up.