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Facebook's new widescreen Photo Viewer going live for more users

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Facebook's new Google-influenced widescreen Photo Viewer has begun to roll out to a significant number of users.

New Facebook Photo Viewer
New Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook began testing a rather — ahem — inspired new design for its Photo Viewer earlier this month, taking significant visual cues from Google+. If you'd like to get a look at it for yourself, you may be in luck: the new viewer appears to be rolling out to a large number of Facebook users today. The main change is a shift to a landscape-oriented design, with comments and tag information moved to the right of any given photo, while the images themselves are allowed to scale up north of 900 pixels in width. In practical terms, it allows users to more easily scroll through comments and respond to friends — as well as opening up some prime screen real estate for advertisements, of course. If you're still seeing the old viewer, you may want to try logging out of Facebook and logging back in (that worked for us here), but if that still doesn't do the trick, we wouldn't be surprised to see the new viewer go live for all Facebook users sooner rather than later.