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PlayStation 3 v4.10 update changes PSN account names and breaks Netflix, fix available

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Sony has rolled out PlayStation 3 firmware version 4.10, which brings changes to user's PSN accounts and introduces a slight problem with the Netflix application.

PS3 Close-Up
PS3 Close-Up

Sony has just begun rolling out the 4.10 firmware update for the PlayStation 3, which brings some subtle naming changes, an updated browser... and a slight problem for movie lovers. Under the update, users' PlayStation Network accounts are renamed to Sony Entertainment Network accounts as part of the company's move to bring its full suite of digital services under one umbrella (the PlayStation Network itself is still alive and kicking under its usual moniker). Unfortunately, for some users the update also introduces a problem with the device's Netflix application. For those with the issue, launching the app brings up a request to update to version 2.06, but approving the request promptly causes the entire system to crash and restart itself. Fortunately, deleting the app and reinstalling from scratch seemed to rectify the issue for us. If you're ready to take the plunge into the Sony Entertainment Network era, the firmware update is available now.