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NASA's Spinoff magazine catalogs the benefits of aerospace technologies brought to our everyday lives

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NASA has released the 2011 edition of Spinoff magazine, which chronicles the use of aerospace technologies in everyday, private sector fields.

NASA Logo 640
NASA Logo 640

NASA's 35-year-old Spinoff magazine is a yearly look at the practical, real-world applications of technologies that have their origins in the aerospace industry. The 2011 edition just launched, taking a look back at 44 different technologies, from their respective beginnings in various NASA programs to their implementation in the military, medical, and consumer fields. Among those featured are an ultra-high pressure firefighting system based upon a new rocket engine design, the Zephyr Consumer HxM heart-rate monitor, which has its roots in a microgravity motion sickness study, and a software system that allows computers to determine the physical measurements of objects using only photographs. This year's edition also features a special section dedicated to technologies that directly resulted from the Space Shuttle program. Spinoff is available in print, CD-ROM, or via the website itself — and if you'd like to take a closer look at how NASA's efforts impact our daily lives, it's available now.