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Verizon's impending Droid Bionic update adds VCAST Apps Store — still no ICS

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Verizon are preparing to push out an OTA update for the Droid Bionic. The update includes bug fixes, improvements, and bloatware.

Droid Bionic Update
Droid Bionic Update

Verizon has announced that a new update for the Droid Bionic will be available soon. Unfortunately it won't update the device to Ice Cream Sandwich (although Motorola did promise that ICS is coming soon), but it will bring a number of bug fixes and improvements. The standout features from the changelog are support for National Plus Code Dialing and Bluetooth Personal Area Networks. Verizon has also deemed fit to provide you with the latest bloatware, so along with the fixes you'll receive an Amazon MP3 app and the VCAST Apps Store. The OTA update will be pushed to devices automatically, but you're welcome to frantically tap the 'system updates' button on your Bionic if it makes you feel better.