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Free Paul McCartney concert to be streamed via iTunes, Apple TV

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To promote the release of Paul McCartney's newest album, Apple will be livestreaming a free concert through iTunes and Apple TV, but not on mobile.

Paul McCartney iTunes
Paul McCartney iTunes

The Beatle love at Apple continues: the company is promoting Paul McCartney's newest album with a livestreamed concert. It's not the first time Apple has streamed a concert, of course — last year's month long iTunes Festival London could be streamed through iTunes and an iOS app — but it's the first one that will be on Apple TV instead of the iPhone and iPad. In addition to the desktop versions of iTunes, you'll also be able to watch the concert through the iTunes Live option on Apple TV, as opposed to the iTunes Festival which could only be viewed on the set-top box through AirPlay. The free stream kicks off on February 9 at 7PM PST.