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Rambus and Nvidia bury the hatchet, sign licensing agreement

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Rambus and Nvidia hav signed a 5-year patent license agreement, and agreed to halt any ongoing litigation between the companies.


Rambus announced today that it has signed a five-year patent license agreement with Nvidia. The companies will additionally put an end to all outstanding claims and disputes. The announcement marks the end of a patent battle that began back in 2008 when Rambus claimed DRAM and memory controllers in Nvidia's products infringed on its patent portfolio. The two companies first signed a licensing agreement after a court judgement in Rambus' favor in July 2010, but Nvidia announced they were planning to appeal the decision. As such, they did not agree on liability, or dismiss any outstanding litigation, until now.

Rambus makes its money by licensing patented technology to other companies and has been involved in a number of lawsuits over the years. Recently the firm has seen a high-profile case thrown out of court and three patents invalidated by the US government. It's not known if these factors contributed to the companies settling their differences, and neither has commented on fine details of the agreement.