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Ubisoft server transition unexpectedly renders some games unplayable

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Ubisoft's server transition has rendered some of its games completely unplayable, even though the company claimed they would be unaffected during the changeover.

Driver: San Francisco
Driver: San Francisco

Last week, Ubisoft let owners of its games know that some of them would be completely unplayable for a few days due to a server transition (and the company's overly aggressive DRM schemes). That's disappointing enough, but when the outage started yesterday, some people found that even games that Ubisoft claimed would be unaffected are unplayable, including Anno 270 and Driver: San Francisco. When Ubisoft announced this outage last week, those games were specifically cited as ones that would keep playing without difficulty. Ubisoft's already aware of this issue, however, and claims it's working on the problem now, a small comfort to those who rightfully expected the games they paid for would continue working this week. Fortunately, the company has also said games should be restored by Thursday morning, so tonight will hopefully be the last night you have to suffer through an outage.