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Cryoscope haptic weather forecaster heats and cools to the outdoor temperature

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Robb Godshaw's Cryoscope is an aluminum cube that heats or cools itself to represent the outdoor temperature.

Cryoscope Cube
Cryoscope Cube

Checking the weather on your smartphone in the morning is so last-year — the Cryoscope, on the other hand, should let you really feel what the day is like by warming or cooling itself to the outside temperature. Developer Robb Godshaw says that his disappointment with conventional weather forecasts led him to make a tool that "left nothing to the imagination." Once you set your location via a web app, the aluminum Cryoscope cube warms or cools itself (via a Peltier heating element) from 85 degrees Fahrenheit (which Godshaw believes is neutral to the skin); the cube temperature is set from that point by the number of degrees the forecast differs from the typical room temperature of 73 degrees. So if the forecast was 68 degrees, the cube would cool down 5 degrees from its resting state. The cube itself can cover temperatures ranging from zero to 100 degrees, with a demo video showing water freezing to the surface of the cube.

When touching the adjusted cube, you should be able to feel the air temperature — while it isn't the same thing as stepping out on your front porch, it should still give a good idea as to the outside conditions. There's even an RBG LED that glows red for warm and blue for cool, so you're not totally surprised when you touch the Cryoscope. While Godshaw's cube is just a prototype at the moment, he says that commercialization is being "seriously considered" — we'll be keeping our eyes open to see if that comes to pass.