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Dell launches Google Voice competitor exclusively in Canada

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Dell Voice is a free VoiP app for PC, iOS, and Android, but it's currently only available in Canada.

Dell Voice
Dell Voice

Dell is following Vonage by offering yet another competitor to Skype and Google Voice, but for now it's only available in Canada. Called Dell Voice, the VoiP app was developed by Waterloo, Ontario-based Fongo and is available on PC, iOS, and Android, with a Blackberry version on the way. Users will get a Canadian phone number upon registration (or you can port your existing number for $25) and both incoming calls and Dell Voice to Dell Voice calls are free of charge. The app also offers free calls to select Canadian cities, though certain areas of the country are underrepresented. Calls outside the country are subject to international rates, while calls to Canadian numbers outside of the select cities will come with a $0.04 connection fee. There's currently no word on when (or if) Dell Voice will be available to users outside of Canada.

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