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MIUI with Android 4.0 now works on Kindle Fire

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The Android 4.0 version of custom firmware MIUI is now available for the Kindle Fire.

MIUI 4.0 Kindle Fire
MIUI 4.0 Kindle Fire

Custom Android build MIUI, which started the process towards Android 4.0 last year, has now made it to the Kindle Fire. An alpha was posted two days ago on the MIUI forums, promising most of the functionality of the standard operating system along with MIUI's attractive custom theme and interface tweaks. As an early release, some bugs are expected, and a few things don't work: USB tethering and static wallpaper, for example. Nonetheless, the video below, posted by Liliputing, shows what seems to be a fairly operational Kindle Fire, so it looks like Fire owners will no longer have to choose between MIUI and Ice Cream Sandwich.